Groups & Price


St Dunstan’s Pre-School has 40 children attending each day, consisting of 2 groups of 20. Each group has a trained teacher and trained assistant. We also employ an Additional Needs Teacher and Additional Needs Assistant giving us a higher staff to child ratio than required by the Department of Education and Community Services.

Children have the option of enrolling in the 3 Day Group or the 2 Day Group.

  • The 3 Day group runs on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday, from 9:00am to 3:00pm
  • The 2 Day group runs on Thursday & Friday from 8:15am to 3:45pm (to accommodate family routines children are still allowed to be picked up at an earlier time)

The Department of Education and Community Services (Start Strong Initiative) has recently brought in changes to funding for preschools. Funding is allocated to children who are attending preschool for 15 hours per week. Therefore the attendance hours for the 2 Day group in 2017 were adjusted to accommodate 15 hours of care. This has been evaluated and continued for 2018.


St Dunstans Pre-School is a non-profit making Centre, funded and licensed by the Department of Education and Community Services. As such every effort is made to ensure fees are kept to a minimum. The fees have been calculated on an hourly basis.

  • The 3 Day group fees for 2018 will be $21.30 per day ( $63.90 per week )
  • The 2 Day group fees for 2018 will be $26.65 per day ( $53.30 per week )

A $5 Administrative fee is charged to place your child on the waiting list when he/she turns 2 years of age.